Job Creation Commission-  Policy & Strategy Analyst Fellow

Job Creation Commission 

Policy & Strategy Analyst Fellow


Website:  | Sector: Public  | Area of Work: Economic Development


Social Media: 

  • Facebook:@Jobscommission
  • Twitter: @jobs_FDRE


Core Mission: Driving job creation through innovation, coordination and action.




Larger Social Impact in Ethiopia: Youth employment is a key driver to economic development and at the moment, there is no other agenda in the country that is more important than jobs. In line with this, the Commission is established to ensure the creation of sustainable jobs for all so as to stabilize all factors.


Organizational Culture & Management Style: We are driven, hard working, energetic, always problem solving and collaborating, 


Logistics: Bole, 200 meters behind DH Geda Tower, around 10 minutes drive from the airport




Fellowship Position: The Commission would like to work with a fellow that can support the Commission’s efforts to develop a national Job Creation Strategy. 


Expected Deliverables during 6-months: 

  • Supporting the Commission’s efforts to develop a national Job Creation Strategy 
  • Undertaking rigorous and breakthrough research on job creation opportunities and employment in Ethiopia
  • Diagnosing different economic sectors and identifying their current employment size and potential elasticity
  • Ensuring the production of high-quality, compelling and impactful analytic outputs on job creation and employment 
  • Producing high-level reports, insights and policy recommendations aimed at advancing the job creation agenda 
  • Developing and implementing the team’s strategy, with the objective of making the team a centre of excellence for analytics and research on job creation and employment in Ethiopia 


Daily Responsibilities: 

  • Inform policy-making on job creation with data analysis and research
  • Identify and analyse new sectors and new job creation opportunities 
  • Conduct a regular analysis and publish reports on employment status in Ethiopia to inform the job creation agenda of the Ethiopian Government 
  • Analyse and research key policies, strategies and laws to propose improvements and optimisations
  • Support the rest of the Jobs Creation Commission teams with analytic and project management tools/processes  and the development of respective strategies


Qualifications & Reporting: 

  • Reports to:  Policy and Strategy Analytics Directorate Director
  • Work Style: Mostly with a internal team, A mix of both independent work and teamwork, A liaison to external vendors
  • Education: M.A (or any other Master-level degree) degrees in Economic Development, Economics, development economics, international development, public policy or public administration 
  • Professional & Technical Skills
    • Analytical and problem solving skills, MS Office more specifically Excel and PowerPoint, report and proposal writing skill
  • Ideal Personality Characteristics: 
    • Adaptability, Honesty and Integrity, Collaboration, Compassionate, Driven, Hard working, Energetic, Always problem solving and collaborating, 
  • Language
    • Amharic: Expert (fluent) reading, writing, and speaking Amharic
    • English:  Fluent in reading, writing, speaking and listening to English 


Skills and values the fellow may gain from this position: 

  1. The fellow’s way of thinking will be broadened as our work explores many sectors. In addition, the Commission has in-house training academy that will add the fellow’s skill and expertise. 
  2. The fellow would have a commendable understand of the public sector and its endeavors. This is a great opportunity if the fellow is committed to public, economic and community development of Ethiopia.