Hello Doctor (Telemed Services)

Website: www.hellodoctorethiopia.com | Sector: Private | Area of Work: Health and Technology
Social Media/Press: Featured in NextBillion | At TEDxAddisSalon

Core Vision

Telemed Medical Services PLC (Telemed), incorporated in 2012, has the mission to provide people in Ethiopia access to reliable, affordable and immediate health advisory and care services through their mobile phones. Telemed’s flagship product, HelloDoctor®, allows people to call at any time and from anywhere in Ethiopia and get instant professional medical advice.
Telemed has also developed a patient tracking system uses mobile phone technology to provide patient follow up and referrals. It also integrates patient progress feedback to the local healthcare provider following up the patient. We represent the leading and only tech start-up in the field of telemedicine in Ethiopia.

Organizational Culture

Telemed strives to create a non-hierarchical and collegial environment where employees have easy access to upper management and the founder. Given the disruptive nature of the product and the company’s small size, this culture is highly beneficial to Telemed’s continued growth and improvement. To this end, we build and strengthen relationships among management and staff through weekly “all-hands” meetings where regular updates on Telemed’s achievements and challenges and what this means for each employee’s role are discussed.

Health Data Analyst Fellowship

Fellows will plan, coordinate and conduct the data cleansing and analysis activities of the company. The analyst will be responsible for extracting, importing, cleaning, transforming, validating and modeling data with the purpose of understanding or making conclusions from the data for decision-making purposes. Fellows will help understand trends in the Ethiopian health market to further health accessibility.