GreenPath Food

Fundraising & Partnerships Fellow; Sales & Marketing Fellow

Website:   | Sector: Private | Area of Work: Agriculture and Economic Development

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Facebook: greenpathfood | Twitter: @greenpathfood


Core Mission: GreenPath Food is a specialty food company that produces and sources premium, organic food products from a network of smallholder farmers across Ethiopia.

Larger Social Impact in Ethiopia: GreenPath Food is a social enterprise that supports smallholder farmers to adopt environmentally friendly agricultural practices and then sells their products to premium, international buyers for fair, transparent, and above-market prices.

Organizational Culture: We are a young startup with 35+ professional staff and many more local, non-professional employees. Nearly everyone in the company is under 35. Most of the team joined due to their passion for our work. We are, therefore, a young, vibrant and committed team that works extremely hard, while greatly enjoying what we do and what we are building together

Management Style: We are an extremely collaborative team, where everyone is invited to participate in problem- solving and share their ideas on how to grow a great company.


The fellow will have the opportunity to be a part of a startup environment, which means learning and having the opportunity to be involved in every part of the business. The fellow will have the opportunity to meet impressive, young Ethiopians doing really important work. They will be able to build their network in Ethiopia, get firsthand experience of what building a business here is like, and to also intimately experience and understand the lives of the smallholder farmers who make up the vast majority of the country’s population

The Executive Management team has decades of collective experience in international development and fundraising and can provide critical feedback and support in gleaning valuable skills in both technical writing, as well as understanding the international development landscape.

By working directly with the Managing Director, the fellow will also have the opportunity to gain insight into how to manage a growing startup / social enterprise, build a team, and navigate the changing business environment in Ethiopia.

In addition, the fellow will have the opportunity to help shape the future of a young, but rapidly growing social enterprise changing the lives of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia and building a positive, proudly-Ethiopian brand for international consumers.