• Our Mission

    Lead. Serve. Create.

    The Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship (EDF) program is designed to promote leadership development, public service and creative storytelling. Through training, service in an organization in Ethiopia, peer-to-peer mentorship, and storytelling, fellows will have an opportunity to increase their own cultural identity and be a catalyst for growth and change in Ethiopia.

The Need for Human Capital

Ethiopia’s development has been greatly hindered by the human capacity to absorb it. Management, development, education, and skilled labor are necessary to support a proper growing economy. The extent to which the educational institutions and the government can meet the needs for human capital will determine the future in Ethiopia. Educated and skilled professionals are needed.
  • Ato Fikru Dessalegn, Former Ethiopian Ministry of Capacity Building

    “We want to grow the private sector, but the issue is human capital. We lose many of our university-educated young people through emigration. We need technicians to give help to the farmers in order to expand their productivity and income. The country has recently moved from two to twelve universities, but we have difficulty staffing the faculties of these universities.”

Our Approach

Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship (EDF) will offer exceptional applicants the opportunity to participate in educational programs and trainings, work in different organizations in Ethiopia, and network with local professionals. Fellows will be trained in key areas such as leadership, service, and creative storytelling. Once in Ethiopia, fellows will participate in peer-to-peer mentorship to increase cultural identity and promote a knowledge sharing opportunity. Lastly, fellows will be encouraged to document their experience thoroughly through different mediums, in order to define and redefine what it means for them to be an Ethiopian.

Fellowship Timeline


April:  Applications open for Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship.

July: Finalists will be notified. In the case of any follow-up questions, applicants will be given 48 hours to respond to additional inquires.

August: Fellows will complete mandatory training for 1 week.

August: Fellows will then go to Ethiopia and serve 6 months at partner organizations.

February: Upon return, fellows will attend debriefing and present their experience to cohorts, funders, and partner organizations.