Whiz Kids Workshop PLC- Commerce Officer Fellow

Whiz Kids Workshop PLC 

Commerce Officer Fellow


Website: www.whizkidsworkshop.com  | Sector: Private  | Area of Work: Education


Social Media: 

  • Facebook: @TsehaiLovesLearning, @tibebgirls
  • Twitter: @TsehaiLL, @TibebGirls
  • Instagram: @tsehailoveslearning, @tibebgirls


Additional Background: About Tsehai


Core Mission: To educate children and youth in a fun and positive way, on a mass-scale, though creation and dissemination of innovative, entertaining and culturally relevant educational media and materials.




Larger Social Impact in Ethiopia: According to the 2016/17 statistical data of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ministry of Education, and the total number of primary schools in Ethiopia is 35,838. Data from same document shows that there are 7, 769,989 children between the age of 4-6. 


In Ethiopia, as the Early Grade Reading Assessment conducted in 2010 by USAID shows, in each of the 8 regions, excluding Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city Administrations, at least 80% of children were not reading at the expected oral reading fluency rate.


A study has shown that about 350,000 children die each year and more than 90 percent of these deaths are due to preventable or treatable causes such as pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS.


Whiz Kids Workshop addresses the aforementioned problems through designing, production, dissemination and implementation of age appropriate, context-specific educational media materials. Whiz Kids reaches over 5,000,000 children through radio and TV broadcast while it impacts over 200,000 children in school settings, reaching 412 public primary and pre-primary schools. The children are equipped with basic health knowledge which reduced their vulnerability to communicable diseases, emergency and non-communicable diseases as well as mental health issues. A program that addresses over 23,000 children in 40 public primary and pre-primary schools, targets at improving students’ reading skills.


Organizational Culture & Management Style:


We strive and work to reach millions of children through our education. We believe in equipping a generation for a better nation and better Africa through creating and innovating culturally relevant, educational and entertaining content. We understand that growing up should be a memorable and delightful experience for kids, that is why we make sure to share knowledge in a fun and joyful way and our work captures the hearts and minds of Ethiopian and African children as a whole. We love what we do and it shows in our work.  WKW has a positive working dynamics that creates a conducive environment to create a mutual understanding and self-corrective behavior among coworkers.it gives a spaces for Active participation of team members towards the achievement of the set goals with a high sense of ownership. As a member of a team; one will be able to takes action that respects the needs and contributions of others; subordinates own needs and builds cohesive team relations.  


WKW is mainly run by participative management style that aims at building a consensus and commitment among employees. The management strives to show exemplary acts for its fellow employees in order to create a smooth and motivating working environment. 


Logistics: Gerji mebrat hayle 




Fellowship Position: We would like a Commerce Fellow to oversee our marketing and sales positions and help us with marketing, communication, grant writing and overall sustainability programming for Whiz Kids Workshop. We will assign the fellow on his/her field of expertise and experience. We will provide the essential support in the course of assignment. (See HERE for more info) 


Expected Deliverables during 6-months: 

  • Generate income through proposal writing to grants with 80% success rate and selling programs to at least 2 Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies. 
  • Communicate with different stakeholders to hold annual Children Media Conference Africa (CMCA) event that at least 10 African countries are participated and attract max 6 major sponsors to raise min 50,000 USD.
  • Manage various marketing methods including, direct mail, print ads, networking, internet, social media, and develop new methods of marketing to maintain presence and followers.  
  • Update and create monthly newsletter on the company website for external and internal audience.  
  • Choose strategic African countries based on criteria & reach out to broadcasters to broadcast Tsehai Loves Learning on popular TV channels and promote the show. 
  • Maintain at least 2 local & international public speaking program/event about WKW’s work on TV, newspaper or online media.


Daily Responsibilities: 

  • Monitor and follow up daily activities of commerce department and conduct meetings.
  • Find a new approach to work with FMCG companies, follow up and seal the deal.
  • Develop innovative and creative content for online campaigns and follow up the company’s website up-to-date. 
  • Proper review of proposals prior to submission.


Qualifications & Reporting: 

  • Reports to: Chief Program Officer 
  • Work Style: A mix of both independent work and teamwork
  • Education: M.A (or any other Master-level degree) 
    • degrees in Business, Social Work / Sociology / Psychology, Marketing / Communications
  • Professional & Technical Skills
    • Experience in digital marketing – setting up and optimizing paid campaigns,
    • Strong written communication skill; ability to write clear, structured, articulate, and persuasive proposals
    • Attention to detail
    • Ability to meet deadlines
    • Knowledge of basic fundraising techniques and strategies
    • Self-starter, able to think creatively to solve problems
    • Strong writing skills in English 
    • Takes a data-driven approach to business decisions
  • Ideal Personality Characteristics: 
    • The fellow is analytical and forward thinking
    • Thrives in a fast-paced environment
    • Has great problem solving skills
    • Thinks outside of the box to solve problems
    • Is hardworking and extremely organized
  • Language
    • Amharic: Expert (fluent) in speaking, limited knowledge of reading and writing
    • English: Expert speaking and writing 


Skills and values the fellow may gain from this position: 

  1. Analytical/ Problem solving skills
  2. Strategic leadership
  3. Teamwork / collaboration
  4. Working with WKW will enhance and broaden a fellow’s scope to work systematically and logically to resolve problems, address opportunities, or manage the situation at hand. 
  5. She/he will establish and develop opportunities and takes action to build partnerships and relationships between one’s own area, teams, and departments to achieve targeted goals. 


Above all, working with WKW will grant a lifetime opportunity to put your footprint on the process equipping a generation for a better nation.