Rediate Tekeste

Founder and Executive Director 

Rediate is a first generation Ethiopian-American and founder of Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship. Through learning the importance of forming identity as a diaspora through her own experiences, Rediate started EDF as a medium to build bridges between the educated diaspora and Ethiopia. Rediate has worked for social action organizations including the Clinton Initiative, America Reads Program leading education efforts through community partnerships in low-income areas. Upon moving back to Ethiopia, she worked for World Vision Ethiopia as a journalist, and then built the communication department at Selam Children’s Village. Rediate discovered her passion for social impact media while working as an international Field Producer/Production Coordinator for Girl Rising. Most recently she worked in Ethiopia and Uganda to complete an internship with the renowned Population Media Center. She received her B.A in Interpersonal and Intercultural Communications at Arizona State University and her Master of Communication Management degree at University of Southern California.



Founder and Executive Director of Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship
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