Endurance Youth

Website: enduranceyouthassociation.org | Sector: Nonprofit | Area of Work: Children, Women, and Youth
Social Media/Press: Endurance on Facebook

Core Vision

  • To see self-confident and empowered youth contributing to the sustainable development of Ethiopia.
  • To battle the social and economic challenges faced by the youth and specially young women
  • Economically empower youth and women to become self-motivated, confident and actively engage in several social and economic activities.

Organizational Culture

EYA is found with passionate youth for development, most of the staff are founders of the organizations. EYA maintains a friendly and casual work environment which employees enjoy. EYA has 6 full time professional staff and everyone is taking responsibility for what they are assigned. EYA will be friendly and professional environment for a fellow to grow and learn while doing work that impacts a nation.

Organization Development Fellowship

Endurance Youth Association is looking for a person that wants to work on different development projects such as communication, fundraising and organizational strategy. Fellows first and foremost should be passionate about youth and women empowerment and the vision of EYA.