Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship? The Ethiopian Diaspora Fellowship (EDF) program is designed to promote leadership development, public service and creative storytelling. EDF will offer exceptional applicants the opportunity to work with different organizations in Ethiopia and participate in educational programs and trainings. Fellows will first participate in educational programming and training in key areas such as leadership, service, and creative storytelling. Once in Ethiopia, fellows will be connected with a counterpart for a cultural identity and knowledge sharing opportunity. As part of their fellowship, applicants will also be encouraged to document their experience thoroughly through different mediums in order to define and redefine what it means to be Ethiopian.


What do you mean by the Ethiopian American Millennial Diaspora Survey?

The Ethiopian American Millennial Diaspora (EAMD) survey was conducted Fall 2014. The survey asked 387 self-identified Ethiopian American millennial diaspora questions about identity, Ethiopia, profession, education and more. All quotes and statistics available on this website are pulled from that survey. If you would like more information on that data, please contact us.


Is EDF a non-profit?

YES, we are an approved 501(c)(3) since Oct. 3 2014. Donate directly on our website or contact us for other donation inquiries contact us.


Are you guys a political or religious organization?

No. EDF is not affiliated with any political, religious or ethnic group.


I lead an organization in Ethiopia, are you still looking for partners? 

If you lead an organization and are considering partnership with EDF, please email meseret@ethiopiandiasporafellowship(Dot)org We are always interested in outstanding organizations and partners to place our exceptional fellows.


Why is this a fellowship and not an internship?

We use the word fellowship because we provide training prior and during the 6-month experience. You will be part of a cohort of alumni that continue to be part of the EDF community! Our aim is not for you to be hired at the place you are serving. The fellowship is a holistic experience of leadership, service, creative storytelling, and identity exploration… all while living in Addis Ababa!

You are using your academic knowledge to gain experience in your profession, and at the same time serving our partner organizations. To learn more about the differences check out this and this link!


I can’t go to Addis, but I really want to work with your organization. The real question is, can I intern for EDF? 

Great question. We like to hear from talented people both in the America and Ethiopia to help with various aspects of EDF. If you are interested, please email info@ethiopiandiasporafellowship.org with your resume and tell us why you are the right person for the job!


I don’t have time to be a fellow and stay for 3-6 months, but I want to work in Ethiopia…can you still connect me with an organization? 

Unfortunately, EDF is very focused on placing our chosen fellows in partner organizations and will not be helping individuals connect on their own. We do have plans to create a virtual bridge to opportunities in the future though so be looking out for that!


I’m too busy to do a 6-month fellowship, but I want to support this organization, how can I do that?

We get it! We are always looking for sponsors for our fellows, donations for the organization, volunteers to help grow EDF and our mission. You can also introduce us to your friends and family that you know could use an organization like this! Contact our Program Director and let her know how you would like to be involved.


I am an adopted Ethiopian, can I apply for the fellowship or join the community?

Yes! Absolutely. EDF is inclusive for all Ethiopians, including those adopted from Ethiopia and residing in America.


Who took all of the amazing photos on your website?

We have a few talented people to thank for that. First, the amazing producers and Girl Rising team who are behind some of the pictures include; Richard Robbins, Alex Dionne, Justin Reeves and Didi Bethurum. We also have some fantastic images from the very talented Tim Dodd of Tim Dodd Photography. If you have any questions about any of the photos or photographers please contact us.

Who designed the website and graphics? 
Our wonderful website, logo, and web graphics were created by the creative hand of the talented graphic designer, Vicky Chung.  You can view her portfolio at Vixwanders.com.


How about if I have other questions? 

Send a message to our email address and we will get back to you ASAP.