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Salsa in Addis

By Saba Alemnew

Although, at times the slower pace of life in Ethiopia can be frustrating, there is a value in the time people take to enjoy spending time with others and having a macchiato in the afternoon. I have (slowly) grown to appreciate taking time to enjoy simple things and have also had the ability to engage in activities I never had time for back home.

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The Holiday SZN

By Meron Begashaw

EDF_Blog2The holiday season has officially come and gone. In Ethiopia, it seems a little longer for those who observe the festive Timket, or Epiphany.  This holiday is held in mid-January, elongating an already packed month touting New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Gena, or Ethiopian Christmas. Being here for the Fellowship keeps me far away from the familiarity, and the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday season – the garland and tinsel, packed shopping malls, eagerness to welcome the upcoming new year, delicious leftovers, and more.

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Arts in Addis

By Eden Mekonen

EDM tracks, beatboxing, singing at karaoke night, and poetry night…this is Addis.

I attended performing arts schools throughout my primary and secondary school. I studied music, dance, and drama alongside traditional subjects such as English, History, Math, and Science; an educational anomaly amongst Ethiopian-Americans.

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See Something, Say Something?

By Maceda Alemu


How do you define the term active citizen? Based on your definition, would you consider yourself an active citizen? In my opinion, an active citizen is an individual that believes he or she has a responsibility to take on a role in his or her community; active citizens are engaged advocates for themselves, as well as other members or groups in society. They do many ‘things’ to be advocates through activities ranging from volunteering, to recycling, to donating, to voting. In short, active citizens work to improve the lives of others and contribute to social justice in their community by taking action on issues in order to make a positive difference. They question the way things are done to ensure that all members of a community are following practices and supporting systems that foster a fair and inclusive society.

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