2018 Partner Descriptions

GreenPath Food – Fundraising & Partnerships Fellow | GreenPath Food – Sales & Marketing Fellow | International Institute for Primary Health Care Ethiopia – Health Program Officer Fellowship | Meridian SAS Ethiopia Branch – Analyst Fellow | St. Paul’s Millennium Medical College ( SPHMMC) – Organization Strategy Implementation Fellow | Agriculture Transformation Agency -Operations Manager Fellow| Agriculture Transformation Agency – Agri-Business Incubation Support Fellow | Agriculture Transformation Agency – Program Manager Fellow | ETTA Taxi PLC (Ethiopia Taxi) – Project Manager Fellow | Deliver Addis – Growth Marketing Fellow | Blue Media – Account Executive Fellow

 GreenPath Logo - Jacie (o) Jones


Fundraising & Partnerships Fellow |Sales & Marketing Fellow

Website: www.greenpathfood.com | Sector: Private | Area of Work: Agriculture and Economic Development

Social Media: 

Facebook: greenpathfood | Twitter: @greenpathfood | Instagram: @GreenPathFood

Core Mission: GreenPath Food is a specialty food company that produces and sources premium, organic food products from a network of smallholder farmers across Ethiopia.

Larger Social Impact in Ethiopia: GreenPath Food is a social enterprise that supports smallholder farmers to adopt environmentally friendly agricultural practices and then sells their products to premium, international buyers for fair, transparent, and above-market prices.

Organizational Culture: We are a young startup with 35+ professional staff and many more local, non-professional employees. Nearly everyone in the company is under 35. Most of the team joined due to their passion for our work. We are, therefore, a young, vibrant and committed team that works extremely hard, while greatly enjoying what we do and what we are building together

Management Style: We are an extremely collaborative team where everyone is invited to participate in problem-solving, and sharing their ideas on how to grow a great company.

Value: The fellow will have the opportunity to be a part of a startup environment, which means learning and having the opportunity to be involved in every part of the business. The fellow will have the opportunity to meet impressive, young Ethiopians doing important work. They will be able to build their network in Ethiopia, get a firsthand experience of what building a business here is like, and to also intimately experience and understand the lives of the smallholder farmers who make up the vast majority of the country’s population.

The Executive Management team has decades of collective experience in international development and fundraising and can provide critical feedback and support in gleaning valuable skills in both technical writing, as well as understanding the international development landscape.

By working directly with the Managing Director, the fellow will also have the opportunity to gain insight into how to manage a growing startup / social enterprise, build a team, and navigate the changing business environment in Ethiopia.

In addition, the fellow will have the opportunity to help shape the future of a young, but rapidly growing social enterprise changing the lives of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia and building a positive, proudly-Ethiopian brand for international consumers.

Logistics: Atlas, near Moyo’s Cafe – We share a building with several other Addis startups. We are 15-30 minutes from Megenagna depending on traffic.

Offices outside of Addis: Our Headquarters are in Addis Ababa, but our farms and field office are in Butajira, SNNPR

Fundraising & Partnerships Fellowship

Position Description: GreenPath Food is financed by a combination of equity, debt, and grants from international donors and investors. In 2019, we intend to apply for several international grant opportunities to support our innovative work with smallholders. Accordingly, we are looking for a fellow who could both support us with grant fundraising, as well as leading the many existing partnerships we have with donors and partners in Ethiopia and internationally.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Researching high-priority grant-fundraising opportunities
  • Liaising with future and existing donors
  • Leading monitoring and follow-up with future and existing donors
  • Improving internal systems and processes as they relate to fundraising and donor management
  • Supporting the senior management on other non-grant fundraising needs, as requested.
  • Developing high-quality internal materials (i.e. template company overviews, template concept notes, etc.) for future fundraising and/or stakeholders

Expected Deliverables:

  • Develop a pipeline of relevant 2019 grant opportunities for GreenPath
  • Research and prioritize the best opportunities based on fit and alignment with company expansion plans
  • Lead proposal development and submission for top 3-5 priority grant opportunities.
  • Work as a liaison between future and existing donors on follow-up and due diligence, where needed
  • Improve the company’s grant tracking and monitoring systems for existing and future grants

Qualifications & Reporting:

  • Reports to: Executive Management, Jacie Jones, Managing Director
  • Work Style: Independent, Teamwork, Liaison to External Vendors
  • Education: M.A. in marketing/communications, economic development, English/writing, or M.B.A
  • Professional & Technical Skills: The ideal professional has grant writing and/or proposal development experience, ideally in the international development sector
  • Personality: The ideal candidate is excited about our work and eager to communicate our story to prospective international partners in a clear and compelling way
  • Language: Proficiency is Amharic or any other Ethiopian language is not necessary. The fellow may enjoy engaging with the team in Amharic – however, most of the team also speaks English, so it is not mandatory. Excellent English skills are mandatory.

Sales & Marketing Fellowship

Summary: GreenPath Food is seeking a high-performance individual to strengthen client relationships and build new ones. This individual will shape the future of a young, environmentally and socially-conscious agribusiness in Ethiopia, one of Africa’s most promising economies. The candidate will be a leading member of a team which will deliver 10x growth on our monthly sales revenue in 2018.

Background: GreenPath Food produces and sources premium food products through a large network of smallholder partner farms. The company exports its premium, organic products to specialty wholesalers and retailers in the United Arab Emirates and Europe. It connects produce grown by Ethiopian smallholder farmers as directly possible to consumers in high-value end markets. GreenPath Food is made up of a team of highly talented professionals with experience in Ethiopian export, horticulture and agricultural development sectors, as well in start-ups. For this role, the experience of formalizing exceptional account management and of growing sales will be prioritized above sector-specific experience.

Fellowship Position Description: To support the commercial growth of GreenPath Food by:

  • Building improved practice into our existing client relationships
  • Evaluating new markets for GreenPath Food to enter

The ideal candidate will have experience independently building out sales at a fast-growing company. They will have been and seek at GreenPath Food to be a proactive, collaborative and solution-orientated member of the team.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Existing Customers – Process Improvement (critical):
    • Build and deliver a customer survey to gauge satisfaction and areas for improvement
    • Develop internal standard operating procedures (SOPs) for account management rollout internally
    • Manage external communication of the new SOPs
  • Markets – Research (critical):
    • Once monthly market research presentation to the team and Managing Director (MD), on new geographies
    • Once monthly market research presentations to the team and MD on existing geographies
  • Existing Export Markets – Lead Generation (critical):
    • Lead generation: Identify potential new buyers and continuously update the definition of a good potential new buyer
  • Marketing (experience pending):
    • Formalise our social media strategy – content, tone, schedule, response SOPs and so on
    • Build out social media content on a rolling timeframe for the duration of your time with GreenPath

Expected Deliverables:

  • Quantifiable customer satisfaction and an actionable qualitative set of feedback for the account management team
  • Clarity on account management SOPs across the team and our customers
  • Quantifiable improvements to customer satisfaction
  • Team has regular, current access to comprehensive market research which will enable us to strategically expand into new markets
  • Clarity on market size and our penetration of it across each of the geographies we work in
  • GreenPath has a pipeline of at least ten good potential new buyers at any one time in each market selected as worth fuller evaluation
  • Clarity on social media strategy – content, tone, schedule, response SOPs and so on
  • Consistent, exceptional quality social media content which delivers demonstrably better outcomes than previously

Qualifications & Reporting:

  • Reports to: Product Development, Sales and Marketing Manager.
  • Work Style: Independent, Teamwork, Liaison to External Vendors
  • Education: Marketing/communications, business, economic development, English/writing, non-profit development or management, M.B.A or any related field
  • Professional & Technical Skills: ‘
    • Opportunity spotters – proactive self-starters, who are driven and with a positive attitude
    • Process orientated – a strong eye for detail and for continuously building in best practice for the future
    • Strong interpersonal skills – naturally polite, personable and comfortable being persistent
    • Ambitious – driven by the idea of personal growth, professional growth, company-wide and Ethiopia’s growth
  • We also expect that successful candidates will have:
    • Demonstrable intellectual acumen, in the form of an undergraduate degree or comparable qualification
    • Client management experience
    • Competency at using Excel
    • Demonstrable passion for storytelling, social impact, and sustainable agriculture
  • Language: Excellent English communication skills and conversational fluency in Amharic.

EN Logo EN Center SPMMC CMYK-01 - Rania Ibrahim

Organization Strategy Implementation Fellow

Website: http://www.sphmmc.edu.et | Sector: Public | Area of Work: Health

Social Media:

Facebook: sphmmc | Twitter: @SPHMMC_Official  

Core Mission: Our mission is to provide comprehensive healthcare services, teach high-quality medical education and meet the needs of the communities we serve through our advanced and affordable healthcare system.

Larger Social Impact in Ethiopia: SPHMMC is a public hospital in Ethiopia dedicated to serving low-income and rural populations. The hospital is committed to providing excellent quality service at low-costs or no cost at all. Taking into consideration that Ethiopia has a high need of health care delivery and a large population, SPHMMC aims to be the leading teaching hospital in the country, create opportunities for professional growth, collaborate with different public and private sectors and bring innovative solutions to long-standing problems.

Organizational Culture & Management Style:

SPHMMC is a large hospital with different cultures in the different departments. For the most part, the hospital is trying to serve an enormous number of people at low costs. This means that the staff members have to work extremely hard and are extremely busy. However, the hospital operates under the common goal of providing low-income and rural populations with low-cost but quality medical service. Because of this, the busy work culture is also one of respect and understanding.

The provost’s office especially believes in allowing its employees a large degree of autonomy and focuses on deliverables and ideas more than hours punched. The fellow will be expected to periodically report their activities and suggestions and will also be oriented to different resources at the hospital. Other than general guidance, the fellow will have minimal management as long as deliverables discussed are being met.

The hospital is structured as follows:

  1. Provost office: head of both SPHMMC and Aabet (Burn, Emergency and Trauma Center)
  2. Vice provost offices: includes office of medical services, office of business development and office of academic research
  3. Aabet Hospital: this is SPHMMC’s new emergency hospital that is run by a CEO and still reports to/coordinates with the provost’s office

Value:  These fellows would gain a unique public sector experience in a growing and innovative hospital that aims to change the standard of care in the country.

  • Critical thinking (finding new ways to do things)
  • Applying and customizing Western principles of standard operations in a different cultural setting
  • Communicating a common goal with different kinds of personalities and getting them to support each other’s work
  • A greater understanding of the medical burden in Ethiopia. Seeing the patients will teach the fellows how to approach situations with empathy, and not sympathy, for greater productivity
  • Confidence in their ability to work and make a huge impact in their country.
  • Because this is the first time that a government hospital is trying new and innovative approaches, the fellow would have the opportunity to pave the way for those that will come after them by creating long-term structures for a more organized functioning of the hospital.

Aside from a unique public sector perspective, SPHMMC fits the profile EDF is looking for due to its focus on social good and its need for passionate employees with diverse experiences. Our program would allows EDF to make a large scale, long term impact on the way health care is delivered in the country.

Logistics: Pasteur, Enqulal Fabrica (Piassa) – 35 minute drive from Megenagna (or two taxis by public transport)

Fellowship Position: SPHMMC recently developed a five year strategic plan. This plan which starts in 2011 ( E.C) sets out strategic directions followed objectives and measures which guide us to reach our vision of becoming a center of excellence. The Office of Innovative Strategies and Operations is tasked with developing different tailored methodologies for implementation of the strategy plan.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Establishing strategy supportive policies and procedure
  • Maintain and organize an electronic and paper record of monitoring reports
  • Draft, edit and proofread letters, briefs, speeches, memorandum and other documents related to the implementation of the strategic plan
  • Provide minute taking and summary record duties as required.
  • Provide advice and support to the ISO team in the development of the implementation methodologies for the strategic plan
  • Perform other duties as may be required from time to time.

Expected Deliverables:

  • Benchmarking and analysis of the strategic plan
  • Instituting best practices and mechanisms for customized methodologies for the implementation of the strategic plan.

Qualifications & Reporting:

  • Reports to: Dr. Rania Ibrahim
  • Work Style: Mostly with an internal team, a mix of both independent work and teamwork
  • Education: B.A., M.A., Business, Marketing / Communications, Health (MPH, Pre-Med, Nursing, Public Health, etc.), Public Policy, Political Science
  • Professional & Technical Skills:
    • Good written and oral communication skills, Microsoft Office Suite, operations plan development, project management skills.
    • Outgoing, resilient, patient and open-minded
  • Language: Amharic: Intermediate speaking, limited to no knowledge of reading and writing



Meridiam Picture1 - Emmanuel Birba

Analyst Fellowship


Website: www.meridiam.com  | Sector: Private | Area of Work:  Economic Development | Community Development, Infrastructure

Social Media: Twitter: @meridiam_news

Core Mission: Our mission is to deliver sustainable infrastructure that improves the quality of people’s lives.

Social Impact in Ethiopia: The power of infrastructure is unlocked when a project is genuinely inclusive, delivering essential services for future generations and for the communities that live around the infrastructure on a daily basis. We have seen first-hand that creating jobs, technology and a full range of positive activity around this particular type of infrastructure results in an environment of opportunity. Meridiam places a strong focus on the environmental, social and governance aspects of our work.

Organizational Culture & Management Style:

  • Lean and dynamic
  • Open and flat
  • Teamwork

Value: You will learn more about infrastructure project development, project finance and negotiation.

Logistics: Bole Atlas

Fellowship Position Description: Working with the Meridiam Investment Team, the Analyst Fellow will create internal memos and reports, work on financial models and the development of other report and analysis for a variety of projects.

Expected Deliverables & Daily Responsibilities:

  • Financial model and other relevant report and analysis for the development of a project
  • Financial modeling
  • Market analysis
  • Internal reporting

Qualifications & Reporting:

  • Reports to: Project Development and Investment Team, Emmanuel Birba
  • Work Style: Mostly with an internal team, a mix of both independent work and teamwork
  • Education: M.A, M.B.A; business, economic development, economics
  • Professional & Technical Skills: Critical thinking, Financial modeling
  • Personality: Open minded. Curious with great attention to details.
  • Language:
    • Amharic: Basic to expert knowledge in speaking; limited to no knowledge in reading and writing.
    • English: Excellent speaking, reading, and writing
    • French: Not necessary, but would be a benefit

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Health Program Officer Fellowship

Website: www.iifphc.org | Sector: Public | Area of Work: Health, Community Development

Social Media: Twitter: @IIfPHCE | Facebook: fb.me/IIfPHC | YouTube: IIfPHC-E | LinkedIn: International Institute for Primary Health Care – Ethiopia 

Core Mission: To serve as a global center for primary health care policy and programming The Ethiopian Primary Health Care (PHC) program is built over the past few decades with its high times being the past 15 years with the establishment of the Health Extension Program (HEP). HEP is a flagship community-focused program implemented along with other health system strengthening interventions such as the accelerated construction of health facilities, training of human resources and strengthening of leadership and governance at all levels.  As a result, a dramatic decrease in Maternal and Child mortality has been witnessed in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of the countries that met the child mortality target of the MDGs by 2012, and maternal mortality decreased by 72% over the MDG period.

Hence, the International Institute for Primary Health Care – Ethiopia is established to share these best and evidence-based practices with the rest of the world whilst serving as a platform to further strengthen Ethiopia’s PHC.

Core Mission: To proactively engage and drive the advancement of local and global PHC policu and programing.

Major Areas of Excellence: The International Institute for Primary Health Care-Ethiopia has four major areas of excellence: technical support to countries, support the health sector of Ethiopia, global evidence-informed advocacy and lastly, knowledge management.

Capacity: Our Institute prides on its evidence-based and state of the art technical capability rooted and tested within our communities. It excels in providing hands-on, practical insight into how an evolving Primary Health Care system looks like and should look like. The institute provides support using its experienced multidisciplinary team composed of core staff members, as well as a team of local and international fellows (more than 100 senior experts of health systems and Primary Health Care from the Ministry of Health, regional health bureaus, communities, higher education institutions, and experts within partner organizations). The Institute also has modern state of the art training facilities, and well-tested training curricula are developed through the support of curriculum experts from John Hopkins University. Furthermore, the strong ties with communities is a basis for the direct exposure of trainees to health-focused interventions at the community level.

The Institute leverages on the political commitment of the Ethiopian government and its strategic role within the African Union governance landscape to create strong relationships with Ministries of Health of other African countries. Provision of targeted technical assistance and advocacy on PHC programming and financing also capitalizes on existing bilateral collaborative relationships with targeted countries.

Funding: The International Institute for Primary Health Care-Ethiopia is established through a seed grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and technical assistance from the John Hopkins University. It is governed by an international advisory board of renowned global health leaders who have immense experience in public health and Primary Health Care. It is an autonomous institution that reports to the Minister of Health of Ethiopia. The institute is led by an Executive Director and three senior directors who oversee global support and advocacy, in-country support, and program management.

Social Impact in Ethiopia: Our services include the provision of evidence-based advice to the Ethiopian government on critical Primary Health Care and community health system issues within the country. Our work also involves the establishment and running of district innovation labs that explore possibilities of implementing state of the art health interventions within a community. Furthermore, we also train leaders of Primary Health Care setups in Ethiopia so as to ensure district level health services are managed with well oriented and capacitated leaders. The aforementioned areas of interventions are together aimed at transforming the quality and relevance of health services given to Ethiopians at a district level.

A considerable size of our engagement, however, is to support African countries build strong Primary Health Care systems through provision training, first hand field experience and technical assistance.

Organizational Culture & Management Style:

  • Excellent team dynamics and working environment
  • Self-guided
  • No micromanagement


  • A fellow will add leadership and management skills
  • Working with us will help add self-evaluation and improvement
  • We will provide a mature and agile environment for Ethiopian diasporas to contribute to their motherland while learning from the institutional work dynamics and culture of the society.


  • Operating in a continental landscape on critical health issues
  • Ability to operate in a community setting
  • Analysis and research ability

Logistics: Our main office resides within the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, EPHI compound (informally known as Pasteur) which is located next to St. Paul’s Hospital. We also have offices in Goma Quteba, Lideta.

Fellowship Position Description: Health Program Officer will support either a Junior, Associate or Senior Program Officer depending on their education and experience. You will be responsible for a variety of health program activities such as developing funding proposals, creating strategic processes to improve departmental effectiveness and facilitating African delegations in Addis Ababa.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Developing proposals
  • Coordinating and leading meetings
  • Conducting international calls
  • Field visits to innovation districts
  • Coordinate trainings
  • Writing internal operation documents

Expected Deliverables:

  • Develop funding proposals to submit to funders for the institution
  • Introduce and implement institutional strategic change processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Support the design of Primary Health Care programs of other African countries
  • Facilitate trainings of African delegations in Addis Ababa on Primary Health Care and reproductive health
  • Support the health advocacy and liaison work with clients

Qualifications & Reporting:

  • Reports to: Executive Director, Ephrem T. Lemango (MD, M.A.)
  • Work Style: Mix of both independent work and teamwork
  • Education: M.A, M.B.A, or Ph.D in Business, Social Work / Sociology / Psychology, English, Writing, Public Policy, Political Science or Health (MPH, Pre-Med, Nursing, Public Health, etc.)
  • Professional & Technical Skills: Excellent communicator both in speaking and writing, French speaker is appreciated. Exceptional skill in professional writing. Health or natural science background with a masters in public health or business administration
  • Personality: Team worker, ability to deliver quality work, handles pressure and flexibility, eager to learn
  • Language: Fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Amharic and English. May have limited knowledge of reading and writing in French. 




Operations Manager Fellow | Agri-Business Incubation Support Fellow | Program Manager Fellow

Website: http://www.ata.gov.et/ | Sector: Public | Area of Work: Agriculture

Social Media: Twitter: @EthiopianATA | LinkedIn: ATA

Core Mission: The Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) has been established by the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) to identify and address systemic bottlenecks to Ethiopia’s agricultural development. The agency does this through problem-solving, implementation support, and capacity building of stakeholders involved in the implementation of interventions addressing systemic bottlenecks.

The programmatic focus of the ATA, responds to a core set of needs identified by the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Transformation Council (chaired by the Prime Minister, and co-chaired by Minister of Agriculture). Within the ATA, issues are divided into four groups: Production and Productivity, Agribusiness and Markets, Environmentally Sustainable and Inclusive Agricultural Growth, and Enhanced Implementation Capacity.

Across the programs, the ATA engages public, private, and non-governmental stakeholders to support strategic planning, manage and strengthen implementation capacity and test innovative models. 


The ATA is offering 3 fellowships:

Operations Manager Fellowship

Background: This role will support the Sr. Director of Operations with managing and implementing Operations mandates and programs. 

Fellowship Position Description: The Operations Manager Fellow plays a critical role in the team, overseeing two to three high-impact project within Operations. The candidate will work closely with the Sr. Director for Operations, Director, Finance, and Manager, and IT, to lead and manage projects. The Operations Manager Fellow will provide guidance and support on stakeholder and delivery schedule management, as well as research and share best analytical approaches, help with content development, and quality control of outputs. 

Additionally, the Operations Manager Fellow will work closely with the Sr. Director of Operations to drive the day-to-day functions of the Operations teams by taking on strategic initiatives, leading organizational enhancement activities, professional development and training activities.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership in analytical and program management at the St. Director, and Operations offices
  • Oversee planning and execution of diverse, high-impact operational program design and implementation while ensuring effective partnership with internal stakeholders
  • Provide guidance and steering to operations staff on project work
  • Ensure the analytical rigor and quality of output across all deliverables, oversee and identify sensitivities and guide the project team managing these effectively
  • Support project teams in internal meetings, and lead engagement with more senior stakeholders and various operational initiatives
  • Support Sr. Director, Operations with broader team management activities, such as project prioritization, tracking, and reporting


  • Fellow will learn to manage multiple projects and stakeholders
  • Gain experience with policy and program design within Ethiopia’s governmental sector
  • Develop strategic thinking, and analytical skills pertaining to a variety of topics in a fast paced environment
  • Engage with senior leaders to help manage operational and capacity issues that affect the opportunities and lives of millions of farmers in Ethiopia


  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in any field; MBA, MPA, or Master’s Degree preferred
  • Professional Experience:
    • Experience leading, structuring and managing projects in a range engagements
    • Strong ability to effectively liaise with decision-makers
    • Exceptional ability to communicate clearly and effectively with a range of stakeholders in a cross-cultural environment
    • Highly collaborative leadership style and demonstrated success in leading, and managing projects
  • Personality: Strong set of personal values such as integrity, honesty and desire to be of service

Agri-Business Incubation Support Fellowship

Background: In this new line of business, we are working with farmers by creating a startup/incubation programs for Agri market products.

Fellowship Position Description: The Agri-Business Incubation Support Fellow will help manage and scale the program internally working closely with participating businesses to build and execute on strategy. The position will provide a significant amount of ownership over work, and allow the Fellow to provide analytical and advisory support.

Additionally, it will allow the Fellow to implement strategy, as well as work closely with the Senior Manager and EAAP Managing Director.

Daily Responsibilities: 

  • Fellow will provide analytical and advisory support to EAAP selected businesses, and work with entrepreneurs to diagnose their businesses and make recommendations
  • Support businesses with the execution and implementation of recommended strategies and change initiatives
  • Provide management support within the EAAP organization, such as supporting staff recruitment, fundraising, budgeting, reporting, and other activities related to establishing and running the organization
  • Support entrepreneur search, screening and due diligence activities, optimize search process, refine search and evaluation tools and drive evaluations


  • Fellow will gain experience with business strategy, execution, analytics, change management and entrepreneurship development.
  • Fellow will be exposed to a variety of business problems in a fast-paced environment with a focus on strategic thinking, analysis and results, while working with a highly motivated and talented group of Ethiopian and international staff
  • Opportunity to engage with government officials and private sector executives to help tackle challenges to growth and expansion of businesses
  • Develop managerial skills, as well as an understanding of the entrepreneurship space in Ethiopia


  • Education: Strong performance in Bachelor’s Degree program 
  • Professional Experience:
    • 2+ years of consulting experience/public sector analytical experience, with some experience in strategy/analysis focused projects
    • Proven record of structuring and delivering challenging projects or work streams in a range of client engagements
    • Demonstrated aptitude for analytics
    • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with a wide range of stakeholders in a cross-cultural environment
  • Personality: 
    • Strong set of personal values such as integrity, honesty and desire to be of service
    • Ability to work with minimal guidance
  • Language: Fluency in English and Amharic is required

Program Manager Fellowship

Background: A dynamic Project Manager to join our Executive and CEO team, to support, implement, and execute all initiatives from the CEO’s office.  

Fellowship Position Description: Fellow will oversee 2-3 high-impact projects within the CEO’s Office. The candidate will work closely with the Program Manager, Sr. Director, CEO Office, and other leaders within the organization. 

Fellow will also provide support on stakeholder engagement, as well as analytical approaches, content development, and quality control of outputs.

Program Manager Fellow will work closely with other teams in the organization to monitor the progress of special projects, lead organizational enhancement activities, and produce reports for internal and external stakeholders.

Daily Responsibilities: 

  • Fellow will provide leadership and guidance in program management
  • Oversee planning and execution of diverse, high-impact operational program design and implementation while ensuring effective partnership with internal stakeholders
  • Ensure the analytical rigor and quality of output across all deliverables, oversee and identify sensitivities and guide the project team in managing effectively
  • Support project teams in internal and external meetings, and lead engagement with more senior stakeholders on various organizational initiatives


  • Fellow will learn to manage multiple projects and stakeholders
  • Gain experience with policy and program design within Ethiopia’s governmental sector
  • Develop strategic thinking, and analytical skills pertaining to a variety of topics in a fast paced environment
  • Engage with senior leaders to help manage operational and capacity issues that affect the opportunities and lives of millions of farmers in Ethiopia


  • Education: Degree in any field; MBA, MPA or Master’s Degree preferred 
  • Professional Experience:
    • Experience leading, structuring and managing projects in a variety of engagements
    • Strong ability to effectively liaise with decision-makers
    • Exceptional ability to communicate clearly and effectively with a range of stakeholders in a cross-cultural environment
    • Highly collaborative leadership style, and demonstrated success in leading, managing projects
  • Personality: 
    • Strong set of personal values such as integrity, honesty and desire to be of service


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 Website: https://www.ethiopiataxi.com/ | Sector: Private | Area of Work: Technology/Delivery & Logistics Services

Social Media: Twitter: @EthiopiaTaxi | Facebook: ETTA Ethiopia Taxi | Instagram: @Ethiopia Taxi  

Core Mission: Dream development, think technology and implement innovation. 

Social Impact: ETTA seeks to use its platform to advocate for larger social issues such as dangers of drunk driving, and enhancing the economic power of women. 

Project Manager Fellowship

Background: This role will support the Co-Founder by coordinating with all departments to manage timely completion of projects. Role will have influence in building ETTA into the Ethiopian Uber, and expansion efforts into delivery services in various cities in Ethiopia. 

Fellowship Position Description: The Project Manager Fellow will manage key client projects and services, by developing tools and mechanisms to track progress and overall completion. The candidate will work closely with co-founders/management team to develop goals and track progress, as well as maintain client relationships. The Fellow will also be involved in developing expansion ideas and generating an overall company growth plan. 

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Fellow will manage key client projects and services
  • Verify and manage departmental coordination, timely completion of projects within budget, and scope
  • Oversee all aspects of projects including setting deadlines, assigning responsibilities and summarizing project progress 
  • Coordinate with internal departments as well as external vendors to seamlessly execute projects
  • Manage relationships with major clients (i.e. hotels, embassies)
  • Keep in close contact with upper management to ensure all company goals are being met
  • Fellow will assist in hiring new staff depending on ETTA’s needs

Expected Deliverables:  

  • Fellow will learn to manage multiple projects and stakeholders
  • Develop project tracking mechanisms to track overall progress
  • Develop and present a comprehensive project plan to management and project clients
  • Assist in developing new ideas for company’s sustainable and rapid expansion


  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in any field; focus area in marketing or business preferred
  • Reports to: Co-Founder, Ambaye M. Tesfay
  • Work Style: Mix of both independent work and teamwork
  • Professional Experience & Technical Skills:
    • Excellent people skills for client management
    • Experience in a leadership role
    • Excellent written and communication skills
    • Some years of experience in logistics/delivery services are an advantage, but not necessary
    • Strong familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Personality: Strong work ethic/hard-working, innovative, energetic, flexibility in start-up environment 
  • Language: Native fluency in English, and conversational ability in Amharic


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Website: https://deliveraddis.comSector: Private | Area of Work: Technology/E-Commerce

Social Media: Twitter: @DeliverAddis | Facebook: Deliver Addis | Instagram: @DeliverAddis   

Core Mission: Deliver Addis is the first and leading online restaurant delivery service in Ethiopia and we’ve recently begun expanding into new areas such as flowers, alcohol/liquor, and courier services. Deliver Addis has also been featured by Reuters, the BBC, Deutsche Welle, African Business Magazine, etc. and we’re seen as the leading e-commerce company in the country.

Social Impact: We help bring additional business to SMEs (restaurants) that produce high quality items while also providing a valuable service for customers that just don’t want to leave the comfort of their own home.

We’ve also begun implementing some of the same technology we’ve built for our own operations into a local ambulance company allowing them to get to patients faster and hopefully save more lives in the process. To learn more, take a look at an article we recently wrote for Medium, titled, “how food delivery tech helps Tebita Ambulance save lives in Ethiopia” 

Growth Marketing Fellowship

Background: As part of our push into new segments and customer-driven services, we’re looking to grow our consumer base and this role would be key in that. The Growth Marketing Fellow would be responsible for helping design and implement effective digital and traditional marketing campaigns with the aim of growing our DAU (Daily Active Users), total user base, and overall revenue. 

Fellowship Position Description: The Growth Marketing Fellowship position will require a strong grasp of social media promotion (to assign a budget for boosting/promoting posts), as well as solid content development ability including skills such as copywriting, gathering images, and video. The role also relies on basic graphic design skills in Photoshop and Illustrator in both print and digital formats. Additionally, the Fellow will make data-driven decision based on ad campaign performance, such as assessing what has worked in previous posts, and gathering information to improve subsequent posts. Networking and managing collaborations with key customers, partner restaurants, will also be a key component of this role.

Daily Responsibilities: 

  • Developing and posting content on our social media pages
  • Ensuring that customers (both current and potential) are engaging with their posts
  • Planning and sending the next email newsletter
  • Reaching out to customers to see how we can make our services more relevant for them, etc.

Expected Deliverables:

  • Development of a marketing strategy (both digital and print)
  • Create a pipeline, format, and cadence for regular social media posts
  • Generate weekly email newsletters
  • Design 3-5 creative concepts for promotions
  • Develop relationships with local NGOs for a planned CSR initiative 


  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree with particular focus in business and/or marketing/communications 
  • Reports to: CEO, Feleg Tsegaye  and work alongside Business Development Manager and COO
  • Work Style: Mostly independent, and serve as liaison to external vendors  
  • Professional Experience & Technical Skills:
    • Sales ability/skill or experience ideal
    • Excellent communication/listening skills
    • Graphic design skills highly preferred
    • Data analysis skills; since Fellow will use tools such as Google Analytics to determine impact of their marketing efforts on traffic, and conversions
  • Personality: 
    • Outgoing
    • Resilient and flexible 
    • Adapts easily to unfamiliar situations
    • Self-motivated, with genuine interest in improving company/processes 
  • Language: Native fluency in English, and basic/intermediate conversational ability in Amharic 




Website: https://www.facebook.com/bluemediaplc | Sector: Private | Area of Work: Communication and Marketing

Social Media:

Facebook: Blue Media P.L.C | Instagram:@BlueMediaPLC

Background: Blue Media P.L.C.  is a full-service creative firm specializing in film, digital design & event management. The synergy of our varied services is impeccable.

Organizational Culture: Blue Media has a very young team that is laid back.

Management Style: What’s the opposite of micromanaging? That.

Value: Fellow will be interacting with individuals working in senior positions of the biggest companies in Ethiopia. They will learn about the growing marketing/advertising/events industry in Ethiopia.

Logistics: Office is located on Bole Road, Addis Ababa. Working Schedule is M-F 9am-5pm.

Account Executive Fellowship

Fellowship Position Description: Fellow will work as an account executive for a Red Cross fundraising project.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Find and research major companies in Ethiopia.
  • Contact decision-makers in those companies.
  • Create and present presentations with Blue Media team.

Expected Deliverables:  

  • Develop presentations with a team
  • Present to over 50 of the biggest companies in Ethiopia.
  • Work on various events Blue Media organizes, like Taste of Addis.


  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree preferred in Business, Education Social work, Marketing, Communication, Media Studies, Economic Development, etc.
  • Reports to: Ammanuel Wubishet, Partner
  • Work Style: Mostly with an internal team
  • Professional Experience & Technical Skills:
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Ability to produce a quality presentation and present it professionally
    • Brainstorming campaign/market event ideas for different clients (Heineken, Coca Cola, American Chamber of Commerce, etc)
  • Personality
    • Team Player
    • Extrovert
    • Excellent at networking
  • Language: Proficiency in Amharic is not needed.

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