Trust the Process

By Naome Seifu

Sneek peek of the website work I’ve done with Tsehai Loves Learning

As the Fellowship comes to a close, I was recently offered a position that would prolong my stay in Ethiopia. For this new position, I am required to complete a short-term training in the United Arab Emirates. So, I’m currently writing this blog in Dubai! Never in a million years would I have imagined myself sitting in a hotel room in Dubai blogging about my experience as a Fellow.

On August 17, 2015, I flew across the ocean to meet Ethiopia. I spent months working during my Fellowship with Tsehai Loves Learning and networking, trying to answer the question I kept asking myself: What is next for me, God?

“On August 17, 2015, I flew across the ocean to meet Ethiopia.”

On December 1st, I officially started my first day as a full-time career woman. What. Is. Life?

It’s now December 18th and I’ve met my new team members, as well as understood the gist of what my responsibilities are and what is required of me at my new job. I’m the Creatives Coordinator. I love the job. I love the team. I love what I’m doing. It’s exciting! I’ll be working with a new television channel in Ethiopia. This channel is about to be something huge for Ethiopia. I’m so glad I can be apart of the team and watch the company grow and unfold for the Ethiopian people.

I graduated on May 8th from the University of Georgia. After graduation, I was lost. Clueless. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me and where I was headed. Deep inside my heart, I knew God was cooking up something great for me. It was just a matter of trusting Him and allowing Him to do His work. Then, on June 26th, EDF came into my life. I still remember where I was and how happy I was to hear such amazing news.

Myself in the Dubai desert

These 5 months have been life changing. My dreams have literally come true. Every day is a process of adjustment. Sitting in Dubai, it’s weird to be here and say I miss home because I’m away. Mind you, when I say home, I mean Ethiopia. I’ve always seen Ethiopia in an idealized, abstract way; but to actually see it in existence as my home gives me so much joy.

Now, I’m in Dubai for work. I even tweeted before I boarded the plane to come here that “Who knew at 22 I’d be taking business trips to Dubai. Look at God working through my life.” I really meant that.

I knew I belonged in Ethiopia. I didn’t know for how long, but I knew I belonged. Being in my country was a dream, but to realize that my country allowed for my ACTUAL dreams to come true leaves me speechless. Working, living, and exploring Ethiopia all at the same time was the ultimate dream. Ethiopia gave me that. I’m forever thankful.

“Being in my country was a dream, but to realize that my country allowed for my actual dreams to come true leaves me speechless.”

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and she gave me her daily reminder of how proud she was of me. She then explained to me how I should really take pride in being a child of God because it’s by His love and grace that I am where I’m at right now in life. I completely agree. I’m blessed beyond measure. He really gave me a chance and allowed me to work towards my goals. He trusted me as I did in Him.

With kids from Megabit Skate

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t the easiest thing to go through. There are challenges. There are days I want to give up. You run low on money, you get extremely homesick, can get sick from the food. You wonder if you’d be experiencing some of the headaches you experience in Ethiopia in America. Your mind, or at least mine, runs wild. Ultimately, though, I’ve realized that all these challenges are without a doubt worth it.

When people call and text me from the States, telling me that I inspire them or that I’ve brought hope back into their lives because they were hopeless, it makes me so emotional. I try my best to be an example for others and live firmly in the path that God has desired for me. The support from my loved ones is what keeps me going. People are telling me that they are getting back into their walk with God because they’ve witnessed my walk. They witnessed my prayers get answered. This is what I’ve always wanted. I’ve wanted to be a beacon for others. Not just Naome Seifu, but Naome Seifu who is a King’s Daughter. My triumphs are all because of Him.

“I’m a 22-year Ethiopian Diaspora who is a world changer.”


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